Proposal Topic: Feel Good Hub


What is the purpose of the web site?

This website will provide people with a place to share and discuss their personal self-care routines as well as reinforce the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

What are the goals of the site?

This website aims to serve as an information hub for people looking to improve on their lifestyles or share habits they have found to be effective. People are also encouraged to share positive and encouraging images or pages on the web.

Why will people come to your site? Who is your target audience (try to be very detailed here)?

People will come to my site to engage in wholesome, positive discussion about various aspects of self-care, such as skin care, exercise, and healthy eating. The target audience is anyone looking to improve the quality of their life or help encourage others. I imagine in particular that young adults adjusting to living away from their parents, or teenagers struggling with self-acceptance, would be attracted to this site.

What is the name of the site?

The site will be called "Feel Good Hub."

What do you intend to have this web site do? How will your site be different from other existing sites with similar purposes?

Feel Good Hub will be a community for people to encourage and support each other through life's struggles, with a category-based forum structure as well as a general discussion area.

Content and Organization

Competitive Analysis

Website Content and Functionality Pros Cons
Self Care Forum
  • Self-Care Resources and Downloads
  • Self-Care Information
  • Symptom Checker
  • Nutritional Fact Sheets
  • Inner Website Search
  • Refreshing blue color scheme
  • Easy to navigate
  • 'Related posts' section takes up too much space
  • High-contrast navigation bar, not easy on the eyes
  • Organizational self-promotion
Self Care MVMT
  • Recent Self-Care posts on the Web
  • Eye-catching design
  • Nice use of embedded images/video
  • No navigation bar
  • Only user interface is the Contact Us page
ISF Global
  • 'Seven Pillars' of Self-Care
  • Self-Care News
  • Self-Care Terms
  • Self-Care Quotes
  • Inner Website Search
  • Appealing use of images and colors
  • Variety of resources
  • Sitemap page
  • Header too large, drop-downs extend beyond default page size
  • Several navbar links go to the same place